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Have experience but still feel like you lack the skills to become one of the best specialists in your field?

In 1 to 2 months, we'll help you boost your qualifications, introduce you to the culture of Kilo Health, and give you enough oomph to become a full-time pro at Kilo Health.

Could you

roll with us?

Join the Kilo Academy if you're set on improving your knowledge, boosting your skillset, and dedicating your free time to homework and online courses led by our in-house specialists.

Once you're through the learning stage, we'll ask you to show us what you've learned before rolling out the red carpet with an invitation to join us full-time at Kilo Health.

Apply to the
Kilo Academy if:

  • You already have some work experience in your field
  • You want to learn new things and improve your qualification
  • You want to become a part of Kilo Health
  • You spend your free time learning new things and not only binge-watching Netflix (btw, we like that too)
  • You believe in second chances and quick development

Upcoming courses

Learn at Kilo Academy

If you’re interested in future courses, contact us: [email protected]

Launched courses
Academy graduates
Job offers

Our mentors

Our courses are taught by renowned experts in their fields. Basically the Aristotles of Kilo Health.

Kornelija Janutė

Facebook ads mentor

Goda Linkevičiūtė

TikTok Performance Creative mentor

Agnė Pelešinaitė-Čeledinė

TikTok Performance Creative mentor

Rokas Grigalius

Facebook ads mentor

Indrė Kazinskaitė

TikTok Performance/Facebook ads mentor

Miglė Barauskaitė

TikTok Performance mentor

Tomas Papinigis

CRO mentor

Tomas Jaskauskas

Graphic video/motion mentor

Tomas Butkevičius

Facebook Ads mentor

Ramas Grikštas

PHP mentor

Paula Žilinskaitė

Kilo Academy manager

Lukas Baranauskas

React Native mentor

Juratė Strolaitė

CRO mentor

Ieva Kaleginienė

React.js mentor

Darius Kasperavičius

PHP mentor

Augustas Zibulskis

CRO mentor

Arnas Kazlauskas

PHP mentor

Our (extra) benefits

Once you join the Kilo Health team full-time, we’ll shower you with perks. Like we say: a little spoiling never hurt nobody.

Private gym

Train and work out at our private 24/7 office gym at the Vilnius headquarters.

Personal days off

Each year, take 5 extra days off to recharge. Use them whenever you need — no questions asked.

Bonus system

Enjoy regular bonuses for high performance. After all, you've earned it!

Private health insurance

Quality healthcare for all of your extra needs.

Workspace perks

Enjoy our (crazy) office spaces, taxi budgets, lunches, surprises, and more.

Constant growth

We’ll do everything we can to support your passion and help your skills improve daily.


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Want to get together and learn more about the Academy? Join us at online and in-person events in your area.

March 2023
Dates will be announced shortlyTikTok Performance AcademyKilo Health HQ
Dates will be announced shortlyTikTok Performance Creative AcademyKilo Health HQ
February 2023
13 FebruaryFacebook Ads AcademyKilo Health HQ
November 2022
9-11 NovemberSoftware Developer ConferenceRadisson Blu, Vilnius Lithuania & Online
8 NovemberGraphic video/motion academyKilo Health HQ
October 2022
15 OctoberTech mugėLitexpo, Vilnius
September 2022
End of SeptemberPHP academyOnline (2 month course)
9 SeptemberGraphic video/motion academyKilo Health HQ
July 2022
19 JulyParticipating in the discussionLive in Piano Man with Coding School
June 2022
2 June React.js work presentationsOnline
May 2022
12 MayKTU careers dayKaunas University of Technology, Kaunas
9 MayKlaipėda Choose online eventOnline
April 2022
14 Apr (one month)React.js batchOnline
8 AprKlaipėdos studijų regataŠvyturio Arena, Klaipėda
March 2022
23 MarNVO eventTech Park, Vilnius
22-23 MarVU career daysVilnius University “Saulėtekis”, Vilnius