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Kilo Academy Successfully Hiring the Best Talents

Nov 9 · 5 min

When Kilo Health decided to ambitiously launch a project to grow and hire talents, it was a long shot with uncertain prospects. Today, Kilo Academy is marking its success in 12 hires of different fields of expertise, and it’s only the beginning.

The explosion of applicants has now become a cornerstone for further project development, with the numbers expected to increase. And what about those who actually join us? How did they decide to work with Kilo Health?

First Things First: What Is Kilo Academy?

Kilo Academy is a free educational resource for Kilo Health candidates. It offers a 1–2-month mentoring program where specialists may improve their qualifications, learn about the Kilo culture, and get enough experience to become full-time employees at the company.

Facebook and Google ad creators, conversion rate optimization specialists, react.js, react native, and PHP developers are encouraged to fill knowledge gaps, get coaching from Kilo Health’s mentors, and gain valuable insight into how health-tech companies operate.

The selection process includes all of the typical procedures, such as the vibe check, the candidate’s competency, and, most significantly, motivation and willingness to grow and become a member of the Kilo team. There is also a Tryout Day where our specialists will assess your progress and determine whether there is potential for development in any specific area.

Successful Hires From Different Walks of Life

Just to give you an idea of how Kilo Academy works, we’ve asked a few of our newly-joined teammates to share their experience about how they decided to join Kilo Health and their overall feedback on the training period.

They’ve already started reaping the rewards of their dedication, so why can’t you, too?

Inga B., Facebook Ads Specialist

“My first long-term job was at school – I worked as a teacher and speech therapist. I later took a position as a support analyst at one of the UK banks. Everything quickly became a routine, and I fell into a complete comfort zone. I simply wanted new challenges. Given the market demand and what interests me, I made the decision to learn about Facebook Ads.

I soon realized that Kilo Academy is a great opportunity to retrain and gain experience. It provides an opportunity to learn from the best professionals in their field.

For those who are stuck in a routine, want to test themselves in a new field, are determined to learn a lot in a short time – this is it. Of course, it is very important to assess how interesting the field of study is and how much free time you can devote to the academy. The learning month was really intense.

All in all, the journey was fun, intense, and brought the best result – I work at Kilo! I’m so glad there wasn’t a lack of ambition to do all the homework that sometimes seemed impossible. I believe this time has benefited everyone. I feel I have received a lot of useful knowledge that helps me a lot in the first weeks of work. It was fun to be among the first academy graduates!”

Rita R., Frontend Developer

“I had already worked in IT as a frontend developer before, but I wanted to learn new things – start working with React. Kilo Health was the only company I decided to send my résumé to.

Even though I didn’t get hired for a wanted position right away, I received a great opportunity to learn how to work with React and improve my skill set through the academy. For me personally, such learning is much more beneficial than learning everything on my own, so I was really happy to have this option.

In a relatively short time, you can learn and become acquainted with so many new things. I had only read a bit about React before coming here, so almost everything was new. It was much easier to study at the academy than on your own, as the questions were quickly answered by the academy’s mentors.

I think I was very lucky, and everything went really well 🙂 I’m glad that I applied for a position at Kilo Health and got the opportunity to study and later – to work.”

Antanas A., Frontend Developer

“I found out about Kilo Academy unexpectedly when Paula offered to take part in the interview and announced this new opportunity, which I accepted as a kind of adventure and a new experience.

I applied three times, and due to a lack of technical knowledge, I received an offer to study at the Academy. At the time, as I remember now, I didn’t hesitate for a second because it was a great opportunity to get on the Kilo team. I took this as another chance to improve my knowledge, competence and gain new experience.

I shifted to IT from the field of logistics. From the beginning, I felt like this was an area where I could best realize myself, discover more new things, and work on what I really enjoy.

I see mutual benefits of the Academy. For a company, it’s a great opportunity to grow a new generation of developers, and for students – it’s a great opportunity to break into the job market.

I would suggest looking at the Academy as a month-long opportunity to learn new things from experts in the field, expand your circle of acquaintances, and improve your skills.

I won’t lie, during my learning process, I was frustrated with myself, confused that I didn’t understand anything compared to others, but time and effort showed that we all have to start somewhere to eventually achieve what we want. In fact, I tend to be optimistic about everything – my path is just beginning, and every day brings new knowledge, which I expected from this job.”

Ready to Jumpstart Your Career?

At Kilo Health, being rejected for a position does not always signal the end of the road. We’re delighted to share our experience and offer a specifically developed program to integrate more talent into the Kilo culture and enable hundreds of great careers to begin (or continue).

The success stories are growing, and you could be one of them. Hop on, because the rocket is getting crowded:

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