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Meet Kilo Academy Mentors Ieva and Jūratė

Oct 3

Kilo Academy is bringing together a new team of people who will be able to advance their careers and join the Kilo Health teams beginning in October. Naturally, we wanted to speak with two mentors who would guide them along the road. 

Ieva Kaleginienė is mentoring developers in Front-end and React.js courses, and Jūratė Strolaitė is an engineer-turned CRO specialist who mentors the Conversion Rate Optimization program. Let’s get to know them better.

How did your journey in tech start?

Jūratė: My brother, a digital world pro, introduced me to digital marketing more than 7 years ago. I started with managing social media pages on Facebook by creating viral content for organic growth (yes, that was possible 7 years ago), launching ad campaigns, and optimizing sales funnels. At that time, there was not a lot of information about CRO, but conversionXL (currently CXL) had a really good course that was a good start for a beginner like me.

Now, I specialize in conversion optimization and experimentation, which are critical components of an innovative company’s strategy. I like how every day in our field of expertise is different and brings new difficulties, which keeps me motivated and makes things interesting.

My journey at Kilo Health started almost 2 years ago when I got a message from the CMO on LinkedIn asking if I was open to new job opportunities. I was delighted that I caught the CMO’s attention, but after several messages, we lost touch for a while. 

Then, after some time, I got another message from Lukas Petrauskas with a similar question if I wanted to catch up and talk about CRO. The funniest part was that he scheduled the time for the call at 4 AM. My mind was racing: perhaps he is testing to determine whether I am a good fit, or perhaps this is how things work at Kilo Health.

As I subsequently discovered, it was a mistake on Lukas’s behalf, and I wasn’t required to wake up at 4 AM. That, however, is a story I will never forget.

Ieva: Before becoming a developer, I spent 8 years in sales. I thought this was not the right path for me, and I didn’t see myself working in this profession in the future. I began to wonder what I could do and chose to learn programming. I finished Front-end development courses and was looking for new possibilities.

I sent my résumé and application to Kilo Health for a junior position two years ago, but I didn’t have enough practical experience. I was first denied, but the interviewer offered me to reapply in six months. Even though I didn’t get the job, I asked them to send me the test task so I would know what I needed to study over the next six months.

Even though I already had another offer to work in a different company, I completed the test task from Kilo, got invited to the test day, and finally – joined the company.

What advice would you give to women interested in working in the tech industry?

Jūratė: The stereotype that only a man can succeed in the tech world has followed me since my studies. I studied engineering for 6 years, and everyone around me was surprised by my “manly” choice. Since then, I realized that there are no female or male professions. 

All that matters is your own attitude, and you can learn everything in this life. It’s never too late to try something new because if you don’t, you’ll never know how successful you may be.

Ieva: I agree that the assumption that technology is a male-dominated business is an outdated stereotype. There are several female developers on my team. Before becoming a developer, I spent nearly 9 years at a job where I didn’t feel happy, and my role had nothing to do with programming.

Changing careers was the best professional move I could ever make. I wish I had done it sooner, but misconceptions about women in tech prevented me from doing so. Don’t make the same mistake. If you want to work in tech, start looking around – there are many opportunities.

The sky’s the limit, don’t let the stereotypes slow you down. 🙂

How does the mentoring process impact your life?

Jūratė: Mentoring is still a new thing in my life. My best mentor, from whom I learn a lot, is my brother, who has been in the CRO field for over 10 years.

The most enjoyable part is knowing that the training students are attending can improve performance and efficiency in their workplace. I also enjoy the creativity of this role and looking for new ways to make training fun and interactive to engage with the audience.

Every time I prepare for lectures, I learn something new myself, which helps me become a better professional. Also, it improves my leadership skills and boosts my confidence.

Ieva: Since I was a student myself not so long ago, I remember how hard it is to learn a new subject. Today, I use my own learning experience, best practices from other mentors, and different strategies I learned working with various Kilo Health products.

The most beneficial thing is seeing my students grow in their professional paths. Most of my students are just starting their developer careers, so I’m happy to be a part of this. Especially when my mentees become my colleagues here in Kilo Health. It makes me feel that I’m doing something meaningful.  

I understand that learning new things might be challenging, especially when you work in technology, and I love helping my mentees face those challenges. Also, I believe one of the best ways to learn is by teaching others. 

How do you keep up with the latest developments in your industry?

Jūratė: I research the most recent data on a specific topic to provide the most insightful information. I’m reading blogs, checking new courses, and following the best specialists in a particular field on LinkedIn. Most of the time, they share a lot of good insights.

The list of bet CRO experts on Linkedin by Kilo Health and Kilo Grupe

Ieva: I always prepare before every class and check if my teaching materials use the latest tools and technologies. Also, Kilo Health helps me grow and creates an environment where I can always learn the new, most modern practices.

What can a new mentee expect from the program? 

Jūratė: Expect to get weekly interactive training, including personal assignments, live discussions, and knowledge sharing. Following the completion of the training, you will have to complete an exam to determine if you will be offered a chance to join Kilo Health. 

Ieva: As a mentee, you will have to join lectures twice a week, get to know the tools Kilo Health is working with, and meet new friends with similar goals. The cherry on top is the opportunity to work in our company after you complete the course.

What traits does a person need to have to succeed in tech?

Jūratė: Most importantly, strong analytical thinking and a passion for what you do.

Ieva: Always be hungry to learn.

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